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BREAKING: Kate Brown Wins Oregon Governor’s Race

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 23:53

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Record-Breaking Turnout Drives Huge Wins for Progressives in Oregon

Governor Kate Brown Becomes First Woman Governor to Win Re-Election in Oregon History

Portland -- All major news outlets have called the Oregon Governor’s race for Kate Brown. Hundreds of supporters cheered at the Democratic Party of Oregon’s election night party in Portland’s downtown Hilton as Governor Brown took the stage to speak to the crowd.

Dozens of young people -- ranging in age from four to 17 years old -- joined Governor Brown on the stage. Her remarks (as written) are as follows:


This election is so important for young people: it’s about Oregon’s future.

When I fell in love with Oregon in 1982, I never thought back then that I’d be standing up here.  But I am very honored to say that I will serve four more years as governor of the great state of Oregon.

This election shows that when Oregonians are given an opportunity to invest in our classrooms, to build affordable housing, and to protect healthcare...

It’s not a toss-up…

It’s not even a close call…

It’s a slam dunk.

This election shows that when our values are on the ballot, Oregonians will come together and fight like hell to stand up for what we believe in.

Tonight, we can say: we fought to keep Oregon a welcoming and inclusive place for all… and won!

Tonight, we can say: we fought to make sure that thousands more will have access to affordable housing… and we won!

Tonight, we fought to make sure that every woman has access to reproductive health services

Tonight, we fought for Oregon… and we won!

But make no mistake, the fight isn’t over.

We’ve never had someone so divisive in the White House, or someone with less respect for the truth, or for the people affected by his decisions.  

And as we’ve learned this election, Oregon isn’t immune from those threats. We came close to losing the progress that we’ve worked so hard for.  Thanks to all of you, and the voters of this great state that said we’re going to keep Oregon a shining beacon of hope.

This election has shown us that there’s more work for us to do.

No one person should be able to buy the governor’s office.

We need to fight for campaign finance reform. I will lead that fight.

Tonight we raised our voices in unison. We showed the world real Oregon values.

Now it’s time to put those values to work improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. Together, we can ensure that every one of us has a warm, safe, dry place to call home.

We can ensure that we all have access to affordable health care.

And we will continue to grow the economy in every corner of the state.

As my good friend Tom Chamberlain says, the best way out of poverty is a good paying job.

We’re going to fight to ensure that every student has the tools they need to succeed.

And we’re going to fight to protect our air, water and pristine coastline, no matter what the federal government does.

I want to say thank you to Andrea Cooper for running a campaign that inspired thousands of Oregonians to fight for the state that they love.

I also want to thank every single volunteer who helped us knock on 400,000 doors in ten days, texted or called their neighbors to vote in this election and defend our Oregon values.

Every moment of your time made a difference.

I have never seen in all my time in Oregon politics the level of collaboration and the diversity of voices coming together to fight for the Oregon we know and love.

And most of all, I want to thank my husband Dan. He is my sea of calm in an ocean of chaos.

We are all here together because we love Oregon.

No matter who you voted for or where you live, we can all agree on one thing: Oregon is a very special place.

Tonight, I invite you all to help celebrate the things that make Oregon great. And tomorrow we will work together to build a better Oregon for everyone.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.