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Buehler’s education plan unmasked: cut teachers’ compensation and use kids as political bargaining chips

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 00:27

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Statesman Journal highlights Buehler’s flawed education plans, Gov. Brown’s strategy to strengthen schools

Today the Statesman Journal ran a comparison of Governor Kate Brown’s plan to strengthen Oregon schools with Knute Buehler’s plan to cut teachers’ compensation and move Oregon schools backward.

Here are a few highlights.

Buehler is so out of touch with Oregon schools, he thinks our teachers are over-compensated and voted against efforts to reduce class sizes.

  • From the Statesman, “He suggested they cap salary amounts used to calculate benefits” This would make it much harder to recruit and retain good teachers.

  • As a legislator, Buehler also voted against efforts to reduce class sizes.

  • Buehler twice voted against increasing K-12 funding.

  • Buehler’s education plan would strip away teachers’ collective bargaining rights, preventing them from negotiating over their compensation.

Buehler announced that he will use funding for our schools as a political bargaining chip so he can dramatically cut teachers’ retirements and health care benefits.

Buehler wants to spend millions of additional dollars on standardized tests, which can consume more than a month of instructional time in a single school year.

  • From the Statesman, “But Buehler may face some pushback when it comes to his standardized testing plan. Currently, parents can opt-out of certain standardized tests.”

Meanwhile, Governor Kate Brown’s plan for education is focused on expanding preschool and career and technical education, lengthening the school year, reducing K-3 class sizes, and breaking down barriers for the students facing the biggest obstacles in their path toward graduation.

  • From the Statesman, “Her plan outlines steps to make preschool and child care more affordable and available to all families, especially families living in poverty…. She plans to expand on existing services to add an additional 10,000 children from low-income families or those with disabilities in the next biennium, with the goal of serving 40,000 children by 2025. She also wants to use additional funding to reduce class sizes.”

More on Gov. Brown’s Education Plans:

“Governor Brown has fought for more funding for our schools, made community college more affordable, and strengthened skills and job training programs. Now is not the time to rethink our commitment to schools, it's time to fulfill it.  Gov Brown is the only one with a plan to keep moving Oregon’s schools forward.” said Brown’s communications director, Christian Gaston. “Knute Buehler consistently worked to weaken our schools. He wants to cut teacher pay and benefits and he voted against efforts to reduce class size.”

Read the full story from the Statesman here