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Congressman DeFazio and Commissioner-elect Hoyle discuss stakes in the Oregon Governor’s race with UO students

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 21:00

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This morning Congressman Peter DeFazio and Val Hoyle, Commissioner-elect of the Bureau of Labor and Industries, met with University of Oregon College Democrats to discuss the stakes in the Oregon Governor’s race.

“This election is about your future the future of the planet, and the future of women’s reproductive rights. All of these things are up in this governor’s race here in Oregon,”Rep. DeFazio said. “If you believe women should be able to make their own healthcare decisions, you need to vote for Kate Brown. If you’re concerned about climate change and the future of the planet, Kate Brown is the only candidate for governor who is on your side. And if you’re concerned about the cost of your education and how you’re going to repay your student loans and what kind of job you’re going to get afterwards, you need to vote for Kate Brown.”

WATCH the full video here.

“With what’s happening at the federal level, our statewide elected officials matter more than ever,” said Hoyle, who previously represented West Eugene and Junction City in the Oregon House of Representatives.  “I’m voting for Kate Brown because she believes that the most vulnerable should have access to health care. She worked to expand access to quality affordable health care. Her opponent voted to take away health care from 430,000 Oregonians.”

“It’s really awesome because this is a really important season for the youth to be involved here on campus,” said Daniel Paulsen, vice-president of the UO College Democrats. “It’s important to show that the youth do have power and that our voice matters.” 

DeFazio, Hoyle, and Paulsen underscored the importance of volunteers to help get out the vote. People across the state are signing up to get out the vote for Kate Brown at