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Second Debate: Kate Brown Won Debate By Standing Up for Oregon Values, Republican Knute Buehler’s Baseless Attacks Looked Increasingly Desperate

Fri, 10/05/2018 - 00:26

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In tonight’s debate on KOBI-TV in Medford, Governor Kate Brown demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of the state’s most pressing issues and laid out a vision to move Oregon forward, while Republican Knute Buehler’s empty rhetoric and baseless attacks looked increasingly desperate.

This was the second debate of the general election, and Buehler has still failed to demonstrate a vision for the state or communicate who he is or what he stands for. The more voters hear from Buehler, the less they trust him. 

Here is how Governor Brown put it in one of tonight’s most memorable exchanges:

“Again, I feel like I’m running against two candidates: Representative Buehler and candidate Buehler. Candidate Buehler says he supports providing Oregonians with health care -- that our vulnerable populations should have access to health care. But when he had an opportunity to come together around a bipartisan package to fully fund the Oregon Health Plan…. He voted no. When he had an opportunity to invest in our roads and bridges -- to reduce congestion, not just in the Portland area, but in communities around the state -- to invest in seismic resiliency and to make sure that kids could get to school safely -- I led on that effort. I worked with Republicans and Democrats. Representative Buehler voted no.”

"Tonight, Oregonians witnessed Republican Knute Buehler repeatedly lie about Governor Brown in an attempt to hide his own right-wing record," said Christian Gaston, the campaign’s communications director. "When it comes to Knute Buehler, it’s not what he says, it’s what he’s done. Buehler voted to take away health insurance from 430,000 Oregonians, including 80,000 kids. Kate Brown has a track record of bringing people together and delivering on her promises, which is why she won tonight’s debate.”