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Teachers, foster parents, veterans and seniors agree: It’s time for Knute Buehler to denounce Priority Oregon

Thu, 08/23/2018 - 00:20

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Thursday, August 23, 2018
Christian Gaston, 971-285-7011

Today a coalition of teachers, foster parents, seniors, nursing home workers, and veterans spoke out against Priority Oregon, calling on the dark money group to disclose its donors and for Republican Knute Buehler to denounce the group.

“Voters in my district do not like negative smear campaigns and they are concerned about the very deceptive ads that we’re seeing from this Priority Oregon group,” said Rep. Rob Nosse, D-Portland.

Priority Oregon and an affiliated group Oregon Foster Families First have politicized teachers, veterans, foster families and seniors in an attempt to aid Buehler’s bid for governor.

“I am outraged by Priority Oregon’s attacks on teachers, firefighters, nurses and other public employees. They are scapegoating us for cheap political points and spreading misinformation about out retirements. Oregonians know that hardworking educators are not to blame and should reject this kind of dark money political attack,” said Sara Schmitt, a Beaverton second-grade teacher.

“I’m calling on Knute Buehler to denounce Priority Oregon and Oregon Foster Families First and come clean about where those organizations are getting all their money. Who will he be beholden to in office? I try to teach my children openness, honesty, and integrity – maybe Dr. Buehler could use a similar lesson,” said Matthew Jones, a foster parent.

“It is unfortunate that Priority Oregon is using time and money from unknown sources to attack the efforts of our Governor. As Kate has done, Knute Buehler needs to denounce Priority Oregon. Oregonians deserve this,” said senior Ray Johnson.

“As a veteran, I’m offended that Priority Oregon is using veterans to attack our governor and politicize mental health issues... Oregonians deserve to know the truth. Knute Buehler should call on Priority Oregon to disclose their donors and he should denounce their tactics. Oregonians and veterans deserve better than this,” said Wanda Davis, a US Navy veteran.