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For the third time in a week, national media outlets highlight Knute Buehler’s fringe right-wing politics

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 17:13

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Rolling Stone, Daily Beast, and Salon expose Republican Knute Buehler's right-wing record

Republican Knute Buehler has spent a record amount of money to “aggressively marketed himself as a moderate conservative,” but as Election Day nears, more and more news outlets are pointing out that Buehler’s right-wing record proves otherwise. For the third time this week his right-wing politics are drawing national headlines.

First, The Rolling Stone ripped the moderate mask off Knute Buehler by highlighting his votes in the Oregon Legislature. In a piece called “Why Is Nike’s Founder Putting Millions Behind a Trump-y Republican During the Kaepernick Campaign?” Tim Dickinson notes:

surgeon from Bend, Oregon, who wears a goatee, Buehler pitches himself as “a fiscally responsible, pro-choice moderate with an independent streak.” But while Buehler has sought to distance himself from Trump, many of his positions are pure MAGA. Specifically:

Then the Daily Beast weighed in with “The Anti-Vaxxer Disease Is Now a Republican Epidemic” highlighting that Buehler is part of a crew of Republican governors that are bucking science in favor of fringe policies on vaccines.

And today, Salon picked up the story, tying Buehler’s vaccination policies on Donald Trump’s anti-science stances. In “At least three GOP governor candidates embrace anti-vaccine disinformation” Igor Derysh writes:

“It's no big surprise that some Republicans have begun to advocate for anti-vaccine ideology given that President Trump himself has also flirted with the idea.”

“Knute Buehler knows that Oregonians don’t want a right-wing Republican governor, that’s why he’s trying so hard to hide his connection to the fringe right,” said Christian Gaston, Governor Brown’s campaign spokesman. “Too bad for him that the real Knute Buehler is starting to show.”