Stand With Kate!


Kate Brown started her career as a legal advocate for vulnerable children and families, and she’s still fighting to make Oregon a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Kate Brown stepped in as governor after the unexpected resignation of her predecessor, at a time when faith in state government was badly shaken. She went right to work, focusing on what matters most: good schools, quality jobs, and increased transparency and accountability from our state government.

Among her first acts as governor, Kate Brown brought Democrats and Republicans together to pass ethics reform, requiring full disclosure of all lobbying activities, and cracking down on officials who abuse public office for personal gain.

As governor, Kate Brown has also:

  • Made the largest investment in education in Oregon history, with $7.4 billion to help reduce class sizes and put more resources in the classroom
  • Increased the minimum wage, because no one working full time should be living in poverty
  • Passed paid sick leave, so workers don’t risk losing their jobs, or not being able to pay bills when they’re sick or caring for a sick child
  • Signed the Oregon Promise law, reducing community college tuition to as little as $50 per semester and expanded Opportunity Grants to more than 16,000 students

Next, Kate Brown will:

  • Focus on increasing our high school graduation rates
  • Continue working to help small businesses and build an economy that helps Oregon families make ends meet
  • Protect our land, water, and air quality
  • Make transportation improvements to reduce congestion and get goods to market and workers to their jobs