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Kate is fighting to make Oregon a place where everyone can lead a good life and raise a family. During her time as governor, the Oregon economy has become one of the fastest growing in the country and unemployment levels hit an all-time low.

Kate's Job Training Plan


Kate is proud to have passed a monumental $5.3 billion transportation package to create thousands of jobs, fix up Oregon’s aging transportation infrastructure, connect people to school and jobs through public transit improvements, and address the statewide issue of traffic congestion.

Expected to create 16,000 jobs, Kate worked with businesses, community leaders, and legislators from across the aisle to invest in Oregon’s transportation future and make essential seismic upgrades to our roads and bridges. This package also includes the first-ever dedicated funding source for public transit and bicycle infrastructure, and invests in safe routes to school for Oregon’s students and teachers.

Kate's Transportation Policy


Small businesses are the backbone of Oregon’s economy, creating 70 percent of new jobs in the state. We can encourage job growth by giving small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs the tools they need to expand. Kate dedicated almost $5 million dollars in 2017 to give Oregon’s innovators and small business owners the running start  they deserve. These projects are expected to create or retain nearly 1,800 jobs.

Going forward, Kate will continue helping small businesses across Oregon thrive by cutting red tape. With the input of her Small Business Advisory Cabinet of business leaders from across the state, Kate is advancing policies that offer small businesses important tools such as mentorship programs, access to capital, and support for entrepreneurs in rural and underserved communities. Following the devastating wildfire season of 2017, our Governor formed a Economic Recovery Council to give resources and tools to small businesses that will help them get back on their feet after a difficult summer season. 


Kate became governor just after the voters passed marijuana legalization. Since then, the Oregon cannabis industry has grown to make up around 12,500 jobs that bring in $315 million in wages. This industry has careful regulatory requirements that ensures clean and safe distribution of the product. Kate recently signed a bill that requires the comprehensive tracking of all marijuana grown for sale from seed to store.

Kate reached out to federal partners in her work to protect Oregon's legal marijuana system. She knows that all levels of government must continue to work together to ensure a safe and successful marijuana market for Oregon communities.

Additionally, Oregon forests grow the most desirable species for use in Cross Laminated Timber wood products. As the market for this building material grows, it creates a great opportunity for both rural and urban Oregon. Our state is at the forefront of a supply chain for an emerging technology, and we can leverage this opportunity to grow our a robust and globally connected, statewide economy.


As governor, Kate passed a first-in-the-nation worker’s protection bill to ensure fair scheduling practice in the workplace of key industries. This law allows  working Oregonians to have a predictable schedule that allows them to plan for medical appointments and childcare.

Kate also shepherded in a historic raise in the state’s minimum wage, because no one working full time should have to live in poverty. She championed paid sick leave so workers can stay home when they are sick, or their child is sick, without losing their paycheck.

Kate will continue to stand with working families by supporting policies that help give opportunities to all Oregonians.