Stand With Kate!


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Every Oregonian deserves to have a doctor they can count on and healthcare they can afford. For too long too many Oregonians have gone without the medical coverage they need. Under Kate’s leadership, access to coverage has been expanded to 94% of adults and 100% of children in Oregon.

But there’s still more work to do. For as long as Kate is Oregon’s governor, she will fight to protect this progress and help keep Oregonians healthy.

Read Kate’s Healthcare Plan: “Healthcare for All”

“It is our duty to ensure that Oregon children have the tools to grow into healthy adults. It’s our duty to ensure they have access to education, health care, and a bright future.” - Governor Kate Brown


Medicare and Medicaid programs provide care for more than one million Oregonians, and Kate championed legislation to protect funding for the people who receive health care, mental health assistance, or other critical services thanks to this program. Our governor has stood strong in the face of federal attacks on healthcare, and directed her agencies to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) when Congressional inaction threatened to leave over 80,000 Oregon kids and families without access to healthcare.

Kate has long been an advocate for children and families, and believes no family should ever have to choose between buying groceries and a doctor’s appointment for their child. That’s why she took action to pass “Cover All Kids” in 2017, ensuring that every child in Oregon has access to the healthcare they need to stay healthy, learn, and play.


Oregon has one of the highest rates of prescription opioid misuse in the nation, and this health crisis can have dangerous effects on Oregon families and communities. Kate believes that Oregon needs to act quickly and effectively to address this issue.

She has brought together an Opioid Task Force that is responsible for identifying and implementing efforts to address the growing opioid misuse and abuse across the state.  For those that already experience addiction, Kate has made the life-saving antidote Naloxone more easily available to the public through 2017 legislation.


Oregon became the first state in the nation to guarantee reproductive health care services for Oregonians without any out of pocket costs. From cancer screenings to postpartum care, Kate believes that Oregon’s women deserve full access and choice of services without restrictive policy contracts or co-pays. While Washington DC politicians threaten healthcare options for women, Kate will continue to protect the progress that we have made to make reproductive healthcare accessible in Oregon.