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As a family law attorney advocating for children and their parents, Kate has been fighting for Oregon’s kids from cradle to career. As governor, Kate is investing in our schools to keep students on track to graduate from high school with a plan for their future – and ready for college, job training, or the world of work. That's why she announced her plan to create a seamless system of education, from cradle to career



Oregon’s economy needs a strong and skilled workforce to grow and Kate knows that isn’t possible without a strong education system. That’s why Kate has made education one of her top priorities as governor, passing the largest education budget in Oregon’s history to help reduce class sizes and put more tools in the classroom. This included funding all-day kindergarten statewide for the first time ever, making sure every child has a strong foundation to learn and grow. Kate understands that great teachers change lives, and that’s why she created the Council on Educator Advancement to make sure our educators have the tools and training they need to support student success.

Kate will continue to fight for the resources necessary to make sure every student enters school ready to learn, and stays engaged and on track throughout their education.


Kate is passionate about improving high school graduation rates and finding ways to awaken students to the power of their own potential. She appointed an Education Innovation Officer that is building strategies to keep students engaged and on track to earn their high school diplomas. Kate dedicated $170 million to career technical education programs across the state, offering students hands-on learning opportunities that prepare them for jobs, expose them to new technologies, and keep kids excited to come to school each day.

Oregon is seeing results from Kate's commitment to students. During her time as governor, four-year high school graduation rates have increased by 4.7% overall. For students of color, special education and migrant students, the rate has increased by more than 7%.

But she's not done yet. In 2017 Kate announced Future Ready Oregona skill and job training initiative for students and adults that will support students on their path towards graduation and beyond. Future Ready Oregon is designed to close the skills gap between the skills Oregon’s workers have and the skills that the state's growing businesses need. 


A college degree or  job training can be essential to landing a good-paying job - but for many Oregonians, the cost of school has pushed those opportunities out of reach. In 2015, Kate expanded Oregon Opportunity Grants to an additional 16,000 students attending Oregon colleges and universities. Under her leadership, she clarified eligibility standards and added $28 million more in funding for the Oregon Promise program, which allows low-income students to attend community college for as little as $50 per semester.