Stand With Kate!


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Economy & Jobs

Kate is fighting to make Oregon a place where everyone can lead a good life and raise a family. During her time as governor, the Oregon economy... MORE ›

Government Efficiency

Kate became governor at a time when Oregonians’ faith in their state government was badly shaken by the scandal and resignation of her predecessor... MORE ›


Every Oregonian deserves to have a doctor they can count on and healthcare they can afford. For too long too many Oregonians have gone without the... MORE ›


As a family law attorney advocating for children and their parents, Kate has been fighting for Oregon’s kids from cradle to career. As governor,... MORE ›


Kate is committed to conserving the beauty and bounty of Oregon for generations to come. Oregon is a special place, and as governor, Kate is... MORE ›

Public Safety

In the time since Kate was sworn in as governor, more than 600 Oregonians have died from violence inflicted with a gun - more than 100 of those... MORE ›


Kate has dedicated her career to being a voice for the voiceless, so that every Oregonian is supported by their community and has an equal... MORE ›