Stand With Kate!


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Equality & Social Justice

Kate is deeply passionate about equal rights and opportunities for every Oregonian. She started her career as a legal advocate for women and... MORE ›

Government Accountability

Kate became governor at a time when Oregonians’ faith in their state government was badly shaken by the scandal and resignation of her predecessor... MORE ›


From the earliest moments of her career working as a family law attorney advocating for children and their parents, Kate has been fighting to... MORE ›


Kate is committed to conserving the beauty and bounty of Oregon for generations to come. As governor, she will continue working to protect our... MORE ›

Public Safety

In the time since Kate was sworn in as governor, more than 600 Oregonians have died from violence inflicted with a gun - more than 100 of those... MORE ›

Economy & Jobs

During Kate’s time in office, Oregon has been celebrated nationally as... MORE ›