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Government Efficiency

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Kate became governor at a time when Oregonians’ faith in their state government was badly shaken by the scandal and resignation of her predecessor. But upon taking office, she brought a steady hand to guide state government through a difficult time. Kate has already done more to improve transparency in state government than any other governor in Oregon’s history.

Just as families have to keep to a budget to make ends meet, so does state government. That’s why Kate has taken bold actions to tighten belts and trim costs during her administration.

Kate's Plan for Government Efficiency

"Let’s be clear: the state needs to deliver quality public services efficiently and affordably. Oregonians deserve to know that every cent of their money is being spent wisely and that state government is accountable to them. " - Governor Kate Brown


Kate grew up in a middle class family, and knows what it’s like to live on a budget. Under her leadership, Oregon implemented measures to slim down government spending through increasing efficiency practices -- like not filling jobs that aren’t needed and renegotiating the rents that state agencies pay -- to save over $200 million dollars of taxpayer dollars. Kate even tightened the belt in her own shop, returning hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Governor’s Office didn’t need.

As of June 30, 2016, there was $3.3 billion in uncollected state debt. Kate signed a bill that streamlines returns some of these funds and makes our debt collection process more accountable.

The Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is a complex area that Kate has worked on. She convened a Task Force to review and propose options for making up to $5 billion in payments toward PERS costs. Made up of a diverse group of stakeholders, this group is considering the most cost-effective methods to save money while still remaining committed to our Oregon values.


Since taking office in 2015, Kate has transformed the way government works by passing the most significant transparency reforms in Oregon in 40 years. For the first time in decades, the culture across state government is changing to let employees know they are being held accountable to the public in everything they do.

Since taking office, Kate has taken these actions to make government more transparent:

  • Shared hundreds of thousands pages of documents with the public, accessible online.

  • Established an online public records system so that all Oregonians can see how their government works.

  • Created the Public Records Advocate to settle public records disputes between the public and the government, as well as ordered agencies to standardize practices for releasing information.

  • For the first time in Oregon’s history, Kate hired a full time attorney to process public records requests.


Kate believes your voice is your vote, and every voice matters. She is working to break down barriers so every eligible Oregonian can register to vote and cast their ballot. As Secretary of State, she developed groundbreaking legislation to create the nation’s first automatic voter registration system - also known as the Motor Voter program - which she proudly signed into law as governor. This system has since automatically added over 200,000 eligible voters to the rolls.

Kate will continue working to ensure voting in Oregon is simple, secure, and accessible for all eligible voters.