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Kate has dedicated her career to being a voice for the voiceless, so that every Oregonian is supported by their community and has an equal opportunity to lead a good life.

Kate has a proven record of championing policies for equality and social justice throughout her career, and will continue being a leading advocate as Governor. 

Read Kate’s full Housing Policy Plan here


“I know what it feels like to be paid less — substantially less — than the male lawyer in the office next to me. This is not just about power. This is about making sure women are not discriminated against because of their gender, because of their race or because of their sexual orientation."  Governor Kate Brown

Every morning across Oregon, women open the doors at businesses they own, carpool the neighborhood kids to school, report for duty in the military, and do their part to make Oregon the place that we all love. Women are making strides like never before, but we still have a lot of work to do.

Kate started her career as a legal advocate for women and children and she has worked on policies to improve the health and wellness of Oregon women, including strengthening domestic violence laws and passing the Family and Medical Leave Act so that parents can take time off to care for their children without losing their job.

Equal pay deserves equal work, and yet women and minority communities are consistently paid less than their male counterparts. In 2017 Kate signed the nation’s most comprehensive Pay Equity bill into law, giving working Oregonians powerful protections against discrimination.



As the first openly bisexual governor in our nation's history, Kate has been a longtime outspoken advocate for LGBTQ equality. She has been open about times in her life where she had to hide this aspect of her identity to avoid discrimination, and has drawn on those experiences to inform her work on behalf of Oregonians.

As an elected official, Kate has passed bills to improve the privacy and process of changing the legal documents for transgender Oregonians,  ban harmful conversion therapy, help LGBTQ veterans upgrade their unfair discharges from the military and fully recognize domestic partnerships in Oregon.


As governor, Kate’s first priority is the public safety of all Oregonians. She has worked to keep immigrant families safe and with their loved ones, as well as address issues of racial profiling.

Oregon’s diverse communities have long been an essential part of our state’s community, culture, and economy. Minori Yasui, an Oregonian born to a Japanese immigrant family in Hood River, was forced into incarceration with his family due to Presidential Executive Order 9066, which required Japanese Internment. Yasui, a young lawyer, challenged this order because he believed it was unconstitutional. He was posthumously awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, the only Oregonian to ever receive so high an honor.

As Mr. Yasui said, “If we believe in law and justice, then each of us, when we see or believe errors are being made, has an obligation to make every effort to correct them.” Kate has worked throughout her years of public service to follow this advice, as well as to engage, listen, and empower communities of color.


Governor Kate Brown's vision is that every Oregonian, in communities large and small, will have access to housing choices that allows them and their family to thrive. That's why as governor she's worked to build or preserve over 11,000 affordable homes across the state. Tens of thousands of Oregonians have a roof over their head because of this work.

Moving forward, she has proposed $370 million of state investments, focusing on housing stability for families with children, veterans, the chronically homeless, and rural communities. Read her full Housing Policy Plan here.