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Governor Kate Brown Announces Action Plan for Oregon

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 12:00

Share This Tweet This launched to detail Governor Brown's strategies for moving Oregon forward

(Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown today launched as a central location to share her vision for Oregon and her strategy to achieve it with Oregonians. will be regularly updated as new policy agendas are released.

In addition to agendas for health care, education, child welfare, housing, and homelessness policy, today Governor Brown released detailed plans for modernizing Oregon's information technology (IT) infrastructure and procurement practices. 

The procurement policy agenda details how the state will make the most of every taxpayer dollar when purchasing goods and services. Currently, Oregon’s state agencies spend about $8 billion each biennium purchasing goods and services. This amount represents approximately 10 percent of the state budget—close to the amount of state funds spent on the K-12 education system. Creating efficiency in procurement brings a tremendous opportunity to save money, opening up more state funds to be spent directly on education or critical social services that help Oregon’s families.

State agencies run hundreds of different IT systems and the age and code bases of these software systems vary widely. Numerous systems, including one used by the Department of Corrections, use software that runs on 30-year old “green screens." Other agencies, including the new tax system at the Oregon Department of Revenue, are brand new and cloud-based. Governor Brown's strategy for modernizing the state's information technology infrastructure details best practices and proposes an improved structure to deliver the wide range of services the state manages, while at the same time improving overall IT project management and security and reducing the risk of failure.

You can visit the website here.