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Governor Kate Brown Sets Goals for Oregon's Schools

Mon, 08/27/2018 - 01:00

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New strategies include expansion of preschool, career and technical education, and school year; reduction of K-3 class sizes

Welcoming students to Madison High School today, Governor Kate Brown announced her strategy for creating a seamless system of education, from cradle to career.

"In my time as Governor, I’ve been around the state, listening to teachers, students, parents, school districts, and community partners," said Governor Brown. "We all agree that Oregon as a state can only reach its potential when our kids reach theirs. Education drives opportunity. To do that, we need to: improve high school graduation rates by making sure students graduate with a plan for their future; create a seamless system of education, serving our kids from preschool through higher education; and ensure our educator workforce and teacher pipeline is reflective of the growing and changing face of Oregon. 

"To reach these goals, my strategy includes: guaranteed preschool for low income children; improved class sizes in kindergarten through third grade; implementing a full, 180-day school year; and increased investments in career technical education and post-secondary pathways."

Governor Brown’s agenda for creating a seamless system of education is grounded in best practice research and data-driven analysis. It is also informed by student voice and experience, and the insights and expertise gleaned by parents and educators in communities across Oregon. A multi-pronged approach is essential to address the needs relating to the “whole child," as no single solution will change the future of Oregon’s students. Woven throughout all of these efforts must be a continued focus on the students who face the most barriers: students with disabilities, students of color, low-income students, and English Language Learners.