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ICYMI: General Election Debates are Revealing Republican Knute Buehler's Struggles With the Truth

Sat, 10/06/2018 - 16:28

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Knute piles on lie after lie at debates and in media reports in desperate attempt to distract from his record. 

Now that Republican Knute Buehler has to speak to a statewide audience in three general election debates, he’s finally getting caught for misleading voters about his record and telling outright lies.

Heading into the final debate, major media outlets are calling out the difference between what Buehler says and what the facts prove.

Knute Buehler says he isn't taking anti-environment money. He's gotten more than $850,000,” The Oregonian, Oct. 5.

Buehler's record shows inconsistent approach to immigration,” Portland Tribune, Oct. 2.

Knute Buehler Slams Kate Brown for Cover Oregon—But That Fiasco Ended Before She Became Governor,” Willamette Week, Sept. 30.

In Thursday’s debate alone, Buehler lied six times, including suggesting that the Sierra Club opposed Oregon’s clean fuel standard (they don’t).

“Representative Knute Buehler is selling a bill of goods.” said Christian Gaston, spokesman for Governor Kate Brown’s campaign. “He can run, but Knute can’t hide from the truth.”

In the debate, Gov. Kate Brown highlighted the contrast between candidate Knute Buehler and Representative Knute Buehler. While candidate Knute Buehler says he’s pro-environment, Representative Knute Buehler has a lifetime F rating from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

OPB’s news roundtable took notice of the contrast between what Buehler says and what he does.

“Knute Buehler is trying to portray himself as Republican lite,” said author and commentator Naseem Rakha. “But yet when you look at his voting record you see a totally different Knute Buehler.”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Allen Alley acknowledged the contrast Gov. Brown drew between the two Knute Buehlers

“She was very effective in painting that picture,” Alley said.

To help viewers keep track of Buehler’s shifting rhetoric, the Democratic Party of Oregon launched

“Buehler is lying about his record because he knows Oregonians won’t elect a conservative Republican as governor,” said Gaston. “That’s why he’s portraying himself as something he’s not.”