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New ad, local media expose Buehler for saying anything to get elected

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 09:40

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Knute Buehler is getting called out for misleading voters about his conservative voting record on education, health care

A new television ad highlights three areas where candidate Knute Buehler claims one thing, but Republican politician Buehler does the opposite:

“He claims to support public schools, but he wants to cut teacher pay and voted against increased school funding,” the ad argues. “He claims he’s pro-choice, but Buehler has promised to restrict access to abortion. And he even took Trump’s lead, and voted to take health care away from vulnerable seniors and children.”

As Election Day nears, local press are increasingly calling out Buehler for his doublespeak as well.

The Register-Guard points out that “his campaign promises fail the reality test of politics.”

The Willamette Week writes that some of his campaign pledges are “simply ridiculous” and that Buehler is “trying to please everybody” while taking“ambiguous stances” on major issues, ultimately leading their newsroom to conclude: “we still don’t know who he is.”

From the Corvallis Advocate: “Knute Buehler postures to stay cozy with his Republican base, while also mouthing what he hopes will gain him progressive votes, and the resulting doubletalk is worrying.”

The Portland Mercury also penned a powerful takedown of Buehler for being “a conservative who’s masterfully rebranded himself as a moderate.”

The Mercury writes, “Since Buehler began his campaign for governor, he’s aggressively marketed himself as a moderate conservative. That’s candidate Buehler. But as a member of the Oregon State Legislature, a job he’s held for only four years, Buehler voted against a bill to expand Medicaid and against a number of bills meant to improve women’s access to reproductive health care and abortion. Most notably, Buehler voted against Brown’s RHEA bill—then boasted about his anti-abortion vote on a conservative talk show.”

The Skanner writes, “Knute Buehler wants to be all things to all people, but has been held up to scrutiny and comes up inconsistent.”

From the Eugene Weekly: “Knute Buehler is trying to make himself look middle of the road to the Dems, but right to the Repubs. What he looks like to us is a candidate who doesn’t truly support a woman’s right to choose and who won’t step up on climate change — two huge issues facing us right now.”