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A Safe Place to Sleep for Every Oregon Family - Gov. Brown's Housing Plan

Tue, 09/04/2018 - 16:35

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Read Governor Brown's full Policy Agenda Here.

Governor Brown's vision is that every Oregonian, in communities large and small, has access to housing choices that allows them and their family to thrive.

There is no single solution—not one entity, or one person— that can solve the crises across the housing spectrum, from homelessness to stable rental housing to increasing homeownership. Coordinated responses are needed to bring together philanthropy, business leaders, developers, builders, and all levels of government to prevent people from slipping into homelessness, to get people quickly off the street, and to help all Oregonians access stable homes. Today the state is working more closely than ever before with local governments and other partners to address housing needs across the entire housing spectrum. 

Governor Brown’s housing agenda has four strategies that focus on areas where the impacts of the housing shortage are the most acute. The four strategies run across Oregon’s entire housing spectrum, including individuals and families experiencing homelessness, affordable housing, and market rate housing. One overall goal is to simultaneously protect vulnerable renters while supporting the development of housing supply—both affordable and market-rate homes. We must strike a balance between providing relief to renters in times of outsized rent increases while at the same time supporting development partners to build more homes. The Governor supports protecting children, communities of color, low-income families, and other vulnerable populations with protections from no-cause evictions, as well as resource investments to help people find and keep their homes, keep communities intact, and address high rent increases.

Governor Brown’s plan entails approximately $370 million of state investments, focusing on housing stability for families with children, veterans, the chronically homeless, and rural communities:

1. Prioritize Ending Children’s Homelessness

2. House Oregon’s Veterans

3. Invest in Permanent Supportive Housing for the

4. Accelerate Growth of Housing Supply -- In August, plans were announced to award state funding for the development and preservation of 796 affordable homes. 

The Governor’s goal is to continue growing state leadership in efforts to house all Oregonians, including increasing state investment in affordable housing by tripling the existing pipeline to 25,000 homes by 2023, maintaining a constant supply of all housing types, and supporting efforts by local governments and the private sector to further overall housing goals.