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VIDEOS: Buehler's Attempts to Hide His Record Exposed in Debates

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 18:49

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Now that Oregon’s three gubernatorial debates are over, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: Knute Buehler will not be able to get away with his attempts to hide his real Republican record. On the debate stage, Buehler was repeatedly taken to task by Governor Kate Brown, moderators, and even in one memorable exchange, a high school student.

Last night in Portland, Buehler tried to wiggle out of his record of voting against protecting women’s health, only to have Governor Brown expose his excuses and lies. She said, “this is one of those things: Representative Buehler tells some voters one thing and other voters another. Unfortunately, that game won’t work tonight because the whole state is watching. Not only did he vote no on the women’s reproductive health act that would ensure that women have access to reproductive health care, he sought the Right to Life endorsement when he was running for the legislature.”

And later in the evening, Moderator Steve Duin challenged his record on climate change“Representative Buehler, you’ve made leadership an issue in the campaign, and I’m searching for some on climate change. You’re anti-coal but pro-fracking. You’ve dismissed a carbon tax as an attempt to dismiss a 1.4 billion slush fund for green energy profiteers. When the threat of climate change has never been more urgent, why the milquetoast argument that Oregon has done or paid enough to address the problem?”

In the first debate last week,15 year-old Rose Lawrence called out Buehler twice for failing to answer her question and share what he would do to protect LGBTQ students from bullying. In his three attempts to answer her question, he never once even uttered the phrase ‘LGBTQ.’ After the debate, Lawrence said “I think that Representative Buehler could have definitely improved his answer. He didn’t use the word ‘LGBT’ once in his answer, and I think that could suggest that he doesn’t really care about the issue because there are a lot of people who are homophobic in our society and in office even, on both the state and national level. And I think that definitely needs to change and we need to have more legislation that supports LGBT people rather than hindering them in society.”