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WATCH: Oregon teachers oppose Buehler's agenda: Cut teacher pay, retirement, healthcare

Sun, 09/30/2018 - 18:08

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Governor Brown’s record is clear: investing in schools, supporting teachers and expanding career training for students

Knute Buehler continues to lie about Governor Brown’s record on education in order to distract from his real agenda: cut teacher retirements by up to 40 percent, cut teacher pay and healthcare.

Oregon teachers oppose Buehler’s plan.

“Instead of talking about slashing salary and benefits for our teachers, we should be talking about ways to fully fund our classrooms and give them the resources they need to help students succeed,” said Lindsay Dance, Beaverton Spanish teacher.

Oregonians don’t support Buehler or his plan, so he’s attacking Governor Brown.

Governor Brown’s record is clear. A 22 percent increase in school funding, the largest increase in graduation rate on record and investments in community college and job training so that students graduate with a plan for their future. You can read her education plan here.