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WATCH: Trusted Oregon Organizations are United Behind Kate Brown for Governor

Tue, 10/23/2018 - 17:44

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Leaders representing educators, environmental protections, and reproductive rights support Brown

A new television ad highlights the many trusted Oregon organizations that are united behind Kate Brown for Governor.

The Oregon Education Association says Brown “has always stood with Oregon’s teachers and students.”

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters says Brown is “the best governor on environmental issues in a generation.”

Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon and the Oregon Nurses Association endorsed Brown for her fight to expand health coverage.

Newspapers around the state also hail her leadership and values, including:

  • The Register-Guard, "Brown fearlessly stood up to the Trump administration on immigration, health care, off-shore oil drilling and other issues."

  • The Willamette Week, "We are picking Brown, because she's an intelligent, honest public servant whose progressive values align most clearly with the constituents she seeks to serve."

  • The Skanner, "Kate Brown, the consistent, steady, strong governor of this state has a reputation for taking on tough issues, and fighting for the people in an ethical and determined manner...We need a governor who stands up for all people. Kate Brown is that person."

  • The Salem Weekly, "Governor Brown is a person of great honesty and integrity who is doing a good job running our state government. She is standing up to the madness emanating from the White House on issues like immigration and climate change."

  • The Eugene Weekly, "What Brown is going to do is to keep forging ahead doing the right thing for Oregon and its people. That’s what we need. "

  • The Corvallis Advocate, "Kate Brown is the right choice for governor if you care about your pocketbook, the environment, and equal opportunity."

“Kate Brown has such broad support because Oregonians know they can trust her to deliver on her plans to move Oregon forward,” said Christian Gaston, the campaign’s communications director.